What Gaming Taught me about Money.

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Like I guess most of the world I recently downloaded Pokemon Go. And so far I think it’s brilliant, as long as you remember to look before you cross the road! Already it has got my out walking, which is great, especially for a free app. But don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a post all about Pokemon. It is about gaming though, and in particular, what I think I have picked up about money from it.



Stingy or Savvy? Extreme Cost Saving!

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Today’s post is inspired a little bit by one written by Our Next Life the other day about cheapskate habits. You can have a little read of it here. I basically wanted to throw the question out to you on certain things I’ve done recently, and will probably continue to do, let’s be honest! Am I being stingy or savvy? Are these extreme cost saving tactics or should I actually be embarrassed to share them?!

Extreme cost saving


Make Sure to Start Investing Early!

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How many of you have told that you need to start investing early? I bet it’s most of you. Whether it was those words or something similar, I imagine you’ve been on the receiving end of the advice. Make sure you’re putting money away for retirement. Don’t leave it too late to start saving. Sound familiar? Thought so! But have you ever wondered why this is such great advice? Well hopefully this will convince you!

Start Investing Early


My Thoughts on Brexit.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, you’ll already know that the UK voted to leave the European Union. Now that a week has passed and the dust has started to settle leaving a very mucky future, I thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on Brexit.



How to Save on Household Bills!

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Bills, you just can’t escape them can you! Everything these days must be paid for and it seems as though the cost only goes one way, and that my friends is up unfortunately. Sometimes it feels like you aren’t even getting something that’s worth the money either. So today I’ve got some ideas of ways to save on household bills. If we can manage to lower to cost of all your household expenditure then that’ll free up some cash for investing for the future. Or even perhaps those things that you’re always happy to pay for but just can’t afford.

Save on household bills


Having a Joint Account.

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Some people think we’re too old fashioned for today’s world, others just think we’re mad or weird. And there are those who simply just don’t get why we do it. But to us having a joint account, that we use for everything I might add, was just natural. There wasn’t really anything to it. After getting engaged we were off to the bank and the account was opened!

having a joint account


8 Ideas for Cheap Days Out!

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With summer approaching, the weather getting nicer (well hopefully anyway!) and the evenings longer, it’s much more tempting to get out of the house and go and do lots of different things. Whether this be something in the evenings after work, or more likely at the weekends. Obviously going out is going to cost money. But does it? Or at least, does it have to cost a lot? Well, not all the time. I’ve put together some ideas for cheap days out, or even better, some of them are even free!

cheap days out